How To Banish Back Fat With Yoga

There’s no miracle move that will diminish back fat – being one of the first areas where fat adds up in most women, it’s a matter of decreasing your entire body fat and doing cardio exercises. Yoga exercises however can give you a boost in burning this fat and help tone and strengthen the muscles in this area of your body. As you begin to lose weight you want to reveal the slim and defined muscles that are waiting underneath. Here are our best 6 yoga poses that will target all the important areas of your back.

6 Moves To Get Rid Of Back Fat- try it today! #backfat #backexercises



 The main benefits of the locust yoga pose are to build flexibility and strength in the back and is also recommended for relieving pain in the lower back.

  1. Lie on your stomach with your legs together and place your arms by your sides with your palms facing up. While inhaling, lift your legs, upper body and head off the floor and keep your hands in the floor for support.
  2. As you breathe, relax your muscles in your booty and your shoulders. Extend your head away from your toes and lengthen your body as much as you can.
  3. Stay in this position for five breaths, and then release your back to the mat.



The Wheel posture is more challenging than post other yoga poses, but don’t get discouraged, even attempting this posture holds great benefits. It strengthen the shoulders, upper back and arms and stimulates the cardiovascular system and has a tonic effect for the entire body.

  1. Lie on your back on a mat, bend your knees, and place your feet on the ground with your heels as close as possible to your booty. Slowly bend your elbows and place your palms above your shoulders on the ground, with your fingertips facing your feet.
  2. Inhale, press slowly into your palms and lift your body off the ground.
  3. Hold this pose for five deep breaths.



Bow is a back bending pose that works your back muscles, helps boost energy and keeps your metabolism burning strong.

  1. Lie flat on your stomach with your arms alongside your body and palms facing up.
  2. Fold your knees and reach back with your hands to grab your ankles (not your feet!).
  3. Look straight ahead and relax.
  4. Keep the pose stable and pay attention to your breath.
  5. Take long deep breaths. After 15-20 seconds, while exhaling, bring your chest and legs gently on the ground. Repeat the pose 2 more times after you relax for 30 seconds.


Side Fierce

 Twisting your torso to one side in the Side Fierce Pose will increase flexibility in your spine and bring fire to your legs.

  1. Stand tall with your feet together. Inhale, lower your hips and bend your knees as you raise your arms overhead. Exhale slowly and cross your right elbow over to your left knee. Press your palms together and push your bottom elbow against your thigh and rotate and lift your chest up, increasing the twist. Pull your right hip back and make sure both knees are parallel.
  2. Stay in this pose for five long breaths. Then inhale and press into your feet and lift your torso back into the initial pose. Exhale and repeat the move for the left elbow and the right knee.


Warrior 3

The Warrior 3 pose improves balance, memory and concentration and tones the whole body.

  1. Stand with your feet on the floor. Shift your weight onto your left leg and move your right leg behind you. Keep your torso parallel to the floor. Keep your arms straight in front of you for balance.
  2. Hold Warrior 3 for five breaths.


Dolphin Plank

Dolphin Plank Pose strengthens the arms, legs and core, helps you relax and relieve stress.  

  1. Start in Down Dog (or you can start in a pushup position), walk your feet out and lower your forearms. Your core should be parallel with the floor, your shoulder should be directly above your elbows and your body should form a straight line.
  2. Hold Dolphin Plank Pose for 5 deep breaths.


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