5 Apps That Will Help You Lose Weight

5 Apps That Will Help You Lose Weight

In our days technology is the answer to everything and with our smartphones playing a central part in our daily routines, we figured our readers could use some tips on what apps to use in order to lose weight. If you open your phone’s AppStore you will find hundreds of apps that will give you plenty of information about anything and everything, and to get this information your only job is to swipe the screen with your finger :).

We scoured the app stores and found plenty of helpful apps, so it was difficult to narrow down the list to 5, but we feel confident that the following apps should be your go-to choices in order to help you reach your weight loss goals:

MyFitnessPal is a free app that counts every calorie that you eat each day. The app has a plan for you that will provide you a calorie goal to work towards (all this information will appear on the diary page where you add all your information for the day about food, water and exercise). As you do this, you’ll notice that the food calories is deducted and some calories exercise are added. All of this will help you keep track of everything in the program.

Noom Coach is very similar to the first app presented, but the difference is that it makes you feel like you have a personal coach right next to you. Each day this app will give you something to focus on (it reminds you to drink water or gives you some ideas about reaching your goal). After you set a goal the app will provide you with a personalized diet plan where you can log your meals and find out how many calories you’re taking by using the built-in calorie counter. It will also remind you during the day about your goal and progress.

Lose It! Is one of the most well-known apps around the virtual world! It’s an app that creates a daily calorie plan for you after you add in some personal details, like height, age, weight and helps you create a perfect weight loss goal. You`ll get reminders every single day to write about your meals and to work out. It might feel like the app is nagging you, but those short reminders on your phone will eventually help you reach your weight loss goals.

Eat This, Not That! This is a gamified app that helps you control your eating. The idea of the game is that you have two products in front of you, and you have to guess which one is the healthy one and which one is the bad, unhealthy one. It helps you recognise what type of food you’re eating and you’ll be able to make smarter, healthier choices next time you’re grocery shopping.

 The last app is called Nike Training Club and is specially made for girls only. The app offers plenty of workouts from Nike’s network of professionals, to celebrity trainers and others and the exercises presented in the app are made so that everyone can do them.

Hope you’ll find these apps useful and if you use other apps to help you reach your weight goals please share them and your experience with them in the comments below!

5 Apps That Will Help You Lose Weight

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