30 Day Burpee Challenge

30 Day Burpee Challenge #30daychallenge #burpees #workoutDo you want to tone up and boost your legs, butt and core muscles? Take up our 30 Day Burpee Challenge this month and your body will thank you for it.  

Everybody hates burpees, however, they are one of the most impactful cardio exercises that help your whole body: arms, legs and core.

The 30 Day Burpee Challenge has only one exercises which you have to do every day, and the number of reps will increase slowly day by day to help you build up your core body muscle strength gradually.

You only have to do the amount of time shown on the image bellow once per day, however if you don’t feel tired you can repeat each day’s challenge as many times as you like.

Follow the challenge chart below each day, and let us know about your progress by tweeting us @dailyfithit with the hashtag #dailyfithit



Burpees are a full body exercises that works every muscle in the body, while burning more calories in less time, using only your body weight.

Burpees work several muscles:   deltoids, biceps, triceps, pectorals major, obliques, abdominals, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, hamstrings and gastrocnemius (calf). 



  1. Stay in a squat position with your hands flat in front of you.
  2. Kick your legs backwards in a push up position and lower your chest to the floor.
  3. Push your chest back up to the press up position and thrust both feet forward so you are back in the initial position.
  4. Jump up and raise your hands over your head.


30 Day Burpee Challenge

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