Losing 21 Pounds In 3 Weeks – Myth Or Reality?

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I’ve recently been bombarded with questions about one of the hottest weight loss “systems” out there, namely the 3 Week Diet and I’ve noticed most of the questions fall into 3 categories:

Is losing so much fat in such a short timeframe unhealthy?

Is losing so much fat so quickly even possible?

Is the 3 Week Diet System a scam?

These questions are understandable – the value proposition of the diet does seem a bit outrageous, which automatically lights up your “scam alert”. Add that to the plethora of information about losing weight fast being unhealthy or unsustainable and I can see why anyone would have their doubts. So, having tried the system myself with – spoilers – great results (I lost 15 pounds), I decided to try to debunk a few myths I’ve noticed popping up everywhere on the Internet regarding fast-weight loss.

The 3 Week Diet is an extreme rapid weight loss program that can help you lose up to 23 pounds of pure body fat in just 3 weeks!

But before going into the questions themselves, allow me to share a personal story:

When I first decided to pursue a major lifestyle change and set my initial weight loss goals, I kept thinking that “slow and steady” wins the race and I shouldn’t force myself to lose too many pounds per week. I had read plenty on the subject and have admired athletes and friends who managed to stick to a very disciplined regimen of dieting and exercising in the long run and I wanted to follow in their footsteps.

Everyone out there kept telling me it’s either unhealthy to cut down on fat too fast, or that it would just yo-yo back up, since anything that helps you lose a lot of pounds quickly most likely requires an unsustainable lifestyle, exercise regime or diet.

And they were right! But the slow-and-steady approach didn’t cut it for me – the lack of visible results in the short run took a psychological toll on me, as it seemed all my hard work was almost in vain and I soon lost motivation to stick to my workouts, always found ways to cheat my way out of diets and generally found myself drifting away from my goals, as soon as the initial motivation faded. 

Losing 21 Pounds in 3 Weeks – Myth or Reality?So when a friend of mine recommended a quick weight-loss alternative I was obviously highly skeptical, yet curious to see what it’s all about. This is how I stumbled upon the 3 Week Diet System and I can honestly say it changed my life. The questions above were also on my lips when I first started – is it healthy? Is it sustainable? Is losing fat so fast even possible? What if these guys are scamming me of my hard earned money? Well I’m here to shed some light on the subject:

Is losing so much fat in such a short timeframe unhealthy?

YES! It’s unhealthy if you starve yourself to the point of damaging your body in order to achieve this rapid loss. Extreme measures do not always equal extreme results – in fact, unsustainable fasting diets and work-till-you-puke kind of training programs often have a short term impact, but long-term negative side-effects (not to mention most of what you gain through these extreme weight loss tactics usually yo-yos back up).

The 3 Week Diet however is a full weight loss system, combining healthy dieting, balanced but thoroughly effective exercising and motivational tools to keep you on-track and engaged with the program. The keyword here is “balanced”:

There’s a lot of work put in the system into tailoring your diet and exercise to your own body structure and needs, in order to keep your metabolism revved up fully. This ensures that you get a rapid, yet well-adjusted weight loss throughout the 3 weeks minimum that you’re supposed to stick to your guns.

Results WILL vary, based on your ability to work out at a high intensity, your current body weight and metabolic latency, but there’s no doubt about the fact that the workout regimen, psychological guidelines and dieting tips in the 3 Week Diet System are your best shot at light-speed fat loss, while keeping the entire process healthy and clean.

Also, the diet received lots of positive reviews. Below you can see a couple of them:

Losing 21 Pounds in 3 Weeks – Myth or Reality?


Losing 21 Pounds in 3 Weeks – Myth or Reality?


Is losing so much fat so quickly even possible?

YES! It definitely is – as explained above, the unhealthy way of shedding so many pounds in a short timeframe might be effective in the short run, but it will have dire effects on your body, metabolism and hormones, not to mention that an unsustainable weight loss program will yo-yo right back at you as soon as you’ve stopped.

A balanced combination of exercising and dieting, as suggested in the 3 Week Diet System, can be highly effective, without the above-mentioned side effects. You’ll be surprised what 3 weeks worth of discipline can do to your body, as well as your morale. A highly motivated friend who was struggling with being overweight for years finally mustered the courage and discipline to start the program and the results were amazing: while he didn’t quite manage to lose 21 pounds in 3 weeks, settling for a “meager” 16 pounds in the timeframe, his body was visibly transformed for the better and clothes he had not wore for ages now fit him perfectly. These fast results, coupled with the new look and the satisfaction of having completed a personal achievement also made him a changed man, turning him from a grumpy, fat, anti-social person into this friendly, energetic, always-smiling guy.

Is the 3 Week Diet System a scam?

Having tried the system personally, I can say without a doubt it’s the real deal. Frankly, the dieting tips, workout plans and motivational tools in the E-books are nothing new for long-time health-enthusiasts, but having them explained in a very clear and concise manner and having an organized and, most importantly, timed structure of your weight loss efforts is what makes all the difference in the World. The System doesn’t just teach you how to lose weight, it teaches you how to form habits that keep you eating clean, remembering to work-out and setting up small “wins” for yourself to keep you motivated to reach your goals.

Even though I didn’t always follow the system to the letter after the initial 3-weeks, the program left me with some long-lasting practices I still keep today, often without consciously forcing myself to follow them.

If you engage the 3 Week Diet System correctly and view it as a long-term investment into your body and mind, the spectacular results will undoubtedly follow. The tips, tricks and tools in the e-books have proven to be more than just a helping hand for my weight loss efforts, instead becoming mantras that allow me to discipline various aspects of my life with incredible results! 

The 3 Week Diet

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