Top 5 Celebrities That Lost Weight

It might be their job to look beautiful and their livelihood often depends on it, but celebrities also live stressful, often chaotic lives, as it’s not unheard of for musicians to spend months on the road, touring, or actors being secluded into obscure filming locations for weeks on end. Unless they have some sort of Bradpittian body and seemingly have the genes and metabolism of a teenager well into their 40s, celebrities often struggle with weight fluctuations like most of us. Thankfully, they also have access to the best trainers and nutritionist in the World and most celebrities that end up at the top are usually ambitious enough to follow through with a long-term weight loss plan. Here are some of the most shocking celebrity weight loss stories:


Jennifer Hudson

Top 5 Celebrities That Lost Weight

The now 33-year-old singer and actress of American Idol and Dreamgirls fame said she always struggled with her weight while growing up. Her personal life is sadly a roller coaster of tragic events that left her emotionally scarred, as her mother, brother and 7-year old nephew were gunned down in a domestic shooting by Jennifer’s brother-in-law.

After overcoming her grief and restarting her career, Jennifer was cast for the role of Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s wife, and went down a whooping 10 sizes from 16 to 6. She managed to accomplish this with the help of the Weight Watchers program (whom she is now a spokesperson for) and intensive training with Harley Pasternak, who also helped fellow celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox or Alicia Keys shape their bodies. One of her most drastic changes however, was in her diet, a new mentality perfectly boiled down in a quote she gave to Yahoo! Style last year:

“I throw the pancakes across the room! I don’t let food intimidate me anymore”


Christian Bale

Top 5 Celebrities That Lost Weight

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Bale is known around Hollywood to be one of the most dedicated method actors, often taking his roles to the extremes. He’s especially focused on getting the right physique him and his directors envisions his characters having and this has led him through some truly shocking changes:

In his first major role as serial killer Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, Bale thoroughly studied the novel that the movie was based on, where the character was described as having an “Olympian physique”, which he achieved in a spectacularly short time frame. You’d think if you worked so hard on reaching that kind of body you’d look for roles fitting for his fitness level, but Bale, always on the prowl for a challenge, took up the role of Trevor Reznik in The Machinist, where he had to achieve a skeletal figure and lost an incredible 63 pounds. Granted, that’s an unhealthy amount of lost weight (especially since most was muscle mass), but you have to admire Bale’s dedication. And to top it off, as soon as he finished shooting for The Machinist he was cast to play as Batman and bulked up again almost to his initial weight in just 6 weeks by going on a full “eat-whatever-I-find” diet!

While we wouldn’t advise you go through the extreme body transformations Christian Bale went through for his roles, we’ll leave you with an inspirational quote he gave on the subject of challenging his body on losing the 63 pounds for The Machinist:

“I had a stupid kind of feeling of invincibility, like, I can do it, I can manage it. I really did feel like I hit this point of enlightenment”


Oprah Winfrey

Top 5 Celebrities That Lost Weight

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Oprah Winfrey is without a doubt the most powerful woman in the World but the queen of daytime television has had to struggle with her weight since her younger years. The 61-year old media powerhouse has repeatedly opened up on her shows about her journey to lose weight and the emotional rollercoaster it had been. In 2005, when she managed to reach an astonishing 160-pound toned body with the help ofpersonal trainer Bob Greene and disciplined dieting habits she felt like she was on top of the World: “I was so happy with myself, I would even say I was probably cocky about it”, Oprah reflects. However, emotional and medical issues made her gradually gain some more pounds in the following years, reaching the 200 mark again.

She seems to be on the winning side of the battle with those extra pounds again, as she managed to slim herself down to 169 pounds again, by means of a lifestyle change that involved focusing on three major aspects: eat well, sleep well, exercise often.

“You have to get moving – no excuses! You’re also less likely to make it to that morning workout if you spend your night tossing and turning and lack of a good night’s sleep can even cause you to gain weight”


Kelly Osbourne

Top 5 Celebrities That Lost Weight

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Daughter of Black Sabbath “father of heavy metal” Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly rose to fame through the reality show “The Osbournes” and presenting E!’s Fashion Police until 2015. Filming for The Osbournes, which started in 2002, has been stressful for the then-seventeen Kelly, with the newly found celebrity status and having a camera crew in the family’s house for months at a time, driving her to a wild lifestyle and drug addictions.

Managing to overcome her problems and bring some much-needed focus in her life, Kelly made it one of her primary goals to lose weight. She was never a skinny kid, so her ambition often came from being bullied and called fat, which drove her to put in a lot of hard work to lose an incredible 70 pounds in the last few years.

Her secret? Not a day goes by without at least a 30-minute workout on the treadmill, yoga or weights and whenever she craves something unhealthy she disciplines herself to postpone it until the next morning:

“I eat my fattiest meal in the A.M. If I’m craving pizza, I’ll have it for breakfast, salad for lunch and oatmeal for dinner”.


Chris Pratt

Top 5 Celebrities That Lost Weight

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Jurrasic Park and Guardians of the Galaxy superstar Chris Pratt never had any serious weight problems until 2013, when he says he put around 25 pounds as sympathy weight for his wife who was pregnant at the time. That started a downwards spiral that led him to gain 60 pounds in the following years, without him consciously thinking or caring about his weight. That is, until, at his peak of roughly 290 pounds, Pratt told “Men’s Health” in an interview he started feeling fatigued and emotionally depressed. In another interview with GQ, he said “My bones ached when I was fat. I was unhealthy. I was feeling rotten. I didn’t feel too great about who I was”.

Thankfully, when Marvel was just starting the casting process for Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt decided he’d do anything for the part and challenged himself to get in 6-pack shape before shooting started. Fast forward 6 months later and a new, ripped Chris Pratt rattled the Internet when he posted this Instagram selfie.

He managed to shed 80 pounds and according to Pratt, there was no real “secret” other than consistent hard work: 3-4 hours each day, split into two training sessions of either weightlifting, running, swimming, boxing, kickboxing, CrossFit HIIT workouts or P90Xs.

“Three or four hours a day of just consistent, ass-kicking hard work”


You may think “sure, but these guys have a lot of help from professional dieticians and trainers and their job relies on them looking perfect!” and you might be right in some sense. But remember, actors are incredibly busy people and even with all the help in the world, dieting and exercising properly on a full and chaotic schedule of traveling to filming locations, meeting managers, fans and executives or honoring invitations to shows is a daunting task. So having no time, or a hectic schedule should not be an excuse to follow your fitness goals!


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