Study Finds Drinking Champagne Regularly Could Improve Memory

We have great news! A study published by the Antioxidants & Redox Signaling Journal found a link between drinking Champagne and preventing memory loss.

According to the study, the phenolic compounds of the Champagne can improve the part of memory associated with one’s ability to navigate.

During the study the researchers tested three groups of rats that completed a maze at the beginning of the study and then again after six weeks of drinking Champagne daily. These posh, “Dom Perignon-drinking rats” showed a much higher success rate after the six weeks of daily Champagne intake, showing that the Champagne’s phenolic compounds may help combat neurodegenerative disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Obviously, researchers recommend a responsible approach to alcohol consumption, suggesting that a lower intake of one to two glasses per week can be very effective.

New Year’s Eve is almost here and most of us will be opening a bottle of Champagne in celebration. but before drinking the whole bottle, check the calorie count. An average glass of Champagne has 91 calories and 1 Bottle has almost 500 calories, so save yourself from unnecessary calories and drink in moderation. 🙂

Study Finds Drinking Champagne Regularly Could Improve Memory #Champagne #Memory #MemoryImprovement


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