Find The Truth About Detox Diets

Find The Truth About Detox Diets #detox #diet“Detox” diets are some of the most popular diets these days. From the Master of Cleanser (a diet of lemonade, cayenne pepper and maple syrup) in the 40’s to the juice fast of today, people always tried to find fast ways to detox and lose weight. The myth behind these diets claims that you need to clean the “toxic waste” from your body in order to stay healthy.

Detox diets can last from around one day to several months and may involve:

  •                 Consuming only vegetables and fruits
  •                 Consuming a limited range of food
  •                 Reducing alcohol and coffee
  •                 Fasting for a period of time


Detoxing can help you drop a few extra pounds, but according to Rick Henrikse, M.D., a medicine physician at University of Utah Health Care, a detox diet is not recommended. “It doesn’t help build good habits for long-term weight loss or removing toxic materials,” he says. “It’s not sustainable.”

Can a Detox Diet help you lose weight?

Sure, but only in the short term. In order to lose weight in the long run or maintain your dream weight after a detox diet, you have to build an overall lifestyle of health, by removing processed carbohydrates and processed foods from your eating habits.

Can a detox diet have a potentially harmful side effect?

One of the main issues is that during this cleanse you’re likely to lose lean muscle mass, water and glycogen (the body’s carbohydrate stores) rather than fat. You can develop difficulties in concentration and sleeping, increase your fatigue levels, develop unhealthy bowel habits and your body will decrease its metabolic rate in order to compensate.

What is the best alternative to detox diet?

You have to adopt a healthy diet, by eating foods that don’t come from a package, whole foods that are naturally processed and closest to their natural state. Wholegrain cereals, lean meat and fruits and vegetables, all in small portions sizes, make for a great, healthy alternative. 

What are the Virtues of Fruit and Vegetables?

In order to have a balanced diet, you should eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables per day. They provide antioxidants, minerals, dietary fiber and vitamins, but they can’t provide all the necessary nutrients for a healthy diet.

In conclusion, remember that detox diets are mostly just marketing myths rather than reality and if you truly want to lose weight you’ll have to stick to a healthy diet tailored to your own body’s needs that you can get from a qualified, registered dietitian. You should also try to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and high-sugar and high-fat foods, consider reducing portion sizes and drinking more water. Last but not least, remember that there’s one extra ingredient that any diet can use more of: exercising. Nothing burns through more fat than a balanced combination of exercising and healthy eating habits.

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