6 Ways To Stay Fit On Vacation

How to Stay Fit on Vacation (and Traveling) Image Source: http://www.fashionstars.cc/

How to Stay Fit on Vacation (and Traveling) Image Source: http://www.fashionstars.cc/

When I travel, I try to make it as relaxing and stress-free as possible, and sometimes local restaurants make me come back home with a few extra pounds. Now my goal is still to enjoy every moment of the vacation, not obsess over what I eat, and find a simple balance that combines maintaining good food choices but still enjoying delicious calorie bombs.

If you also want to stay on track with your fitness and not obsess over eating well or workout on vacation, apply these 5 principles:


1. Don’t be obsessed over the basic nutrition principles, but don’t abandon them either.

Everyone loves food, especially new foods that are local to where we visit :). I don’t know about you but every time I find places that make the best doughnuts or ice cream, I’ll enjoy every bite.

The most important thing to note is that I don’t eat this way for every meal, instead I keep the portions in check.

You should also make it a priority to eat mostly minimally processed food. You can chose an egg white omelet with some veggies for breakfast and enjoy a guilty pleasure later in the day, in small portion. Remember that balance and moderation are the key.

Also keep in mind, just because you decided to eat gelato or a homemade croissant, it doesn’t mean that you should make less-then-healthy decisions the rest of the day. Enjoy it and eat real food for the rest of the day.


2. Focus on having a great time and making amazing memories.

 You didn’t go on vacation to focus only on your food choices or wondering if you were active enough during the day, you went on vacation to enjoy every moment, make memories and have fun.

When on vacation we usually walk a lot more than we do in our everyday life, which counters the negative effects of having a sloppier food discipline. We explore cities by foot, see the sights and sometimes go hiking. Plus, it’s really fun because we forget we are doing any effort walking, because we get “lost” in the scenery, taking in the sights and new experiences.


3. Visit farmers markets for local yummy-goodness.

The best way you can enjoy the freshest produce in the area where you can find plenty of fruits and veggies to choose from is the Local farmers market.


4. Opt for Stairs

If you’re not staying at a Burj-al-Arab-like hotel on the 73rd floor, leave the elevators behind and climb stairs. You’ll burn lots of calories in no time.


5. March Up and Down the Airline Terminal

Depending on the distance, you’ll be doing plenty of sitting on the plane, so instead of waiting for your flight nailed to a chair, walk up and down the terminal. Even if is not the most complex workout, with 15 minutes of walking you can burn 100 calories or more.

Sometimes I get bored in Airports and instead of going into the airport’s pizza stand, I walk around and forget about it. That’s an added bonus in saved calories 🙂   


6. Find Restaurants that Are Within Walking Distance From the Hotel

Why take a taxi and miss all the views? You can explore the city on foot in the cool evening air to and from the restaurant. Plus, walking after a meal will keep your blood sugar levels down.


You’re on vacation. Remember to enjoy every walk around the city and every delicious meal (in small portions of course). You waited for this moment for some time and now is the moment to make the most of it. Happy holidays!

How to Stay Fit on Vacation (and Traveling)

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