101 Ways To Lose Weight

101 Ways to Lose Weight This Summer #weighlosstips #tips #weightloss #summer #abs #core

Planning on losing weight this summer? You’ve probably gone through hundreds of books and articles giving you advice but when planning on losing weight there isn’t really just “one” trick to rule them all, but rather a combination of habits you’ll need to hold yourself accountable to. So we at DailyFitHit decided to compile a list of 101 ways to lose weight that you can start adopting immediately:



1. Don’t Skip Breakfast. Almost 10% of people skip breakfast entirely – either because you’re a late sleeper or rushing to work, breakfast is one of the meals that often gets left out in the cold. If you want to eat a healthy breakfast you’ll need some energy boosting food or drinks like: green tea, black coffee, whole bread, a bowl of multigrain cereal with honey and almonds. Chances are you won’t be extremely hungry in the morning, but eating some consistent for breakfast in the morning ups your energy levels and also has the added benefit of keeping your cravings down so you don’t overeat at lunch.

2. Eat Fiber Rich Meals. Eating soluble fiber is a great way to reduce weight by making you feel fuller a longer period of times. Fiber also prevents constipation, aids digestion and lowers cholesterol.

3. Eat Protein. High protein diets are working really well because your body consumes more energy by burning protein then by burning fat and carbohydrates. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles and if you’re on a low calorie diet you’ll notice that you also lose some of your muscle mass together with the fat. High-protein meals allows you to “direct” your body to only burn the fat.

4. Have a Stash of Fruit at Work. Having a stash of fruit at work will make you avoid the vending machine when you need a snack.

5. Don’t Skip Meals. You are more likely to make unhealthy choices when you’re too hungry. Also, in order to burn calories, your metabolism needs to be revved up as often as possible and you do that by giving it something to do (such as digesting food).

6. Pile on the Veggies. Adding fiber-rich vegetables to the foods you love will make you feel full quickly and you will no longer have room for dessert.

7. Save Room for Dessert. Budget for the treats you love by eating healthy snacks like hummus, apples or carrots. You can find a list 40 healthy snacks under 100 calories HERE.

8. Nix Nighttime Eating. Stop eating after 6 p.m., at least five time a week. Eating in the evening can mean you eat more. Calories are the same at any hour at the day, however, being at home, relaxed, near the pantry and the fridge can make you overindulge and pick unconsciously.

9. Enjoy Your Favorite Food. Instead of cutting out your favorite foods, be a slim shopper and buy only one cookie instead of a box — It will make you lose weight and still enjoy your favorite foods, but don’t forget to eat them in moderation.

10. Eat Protein at Every Meal. Protein-rich dishes are amazing fill-me-up food. They’re much more satisfying than fats or carbs and will make you feel full much longer. Foods like egg whites, yogurt, soy, nuts, beans seafood and lean meat contain healthy protein that’s perfect for your diet.

11. Spice It Up. Add chilies or spices to your food for a flavor boost that can help you feel satisfied even if you eat super healthy food.

12. Consume Fish Oil. Fish oil can help you with post-exercises soreness, so you’ll have no excuse to skip your next workout.

13. Always Read the Food Labels so You Know What You’re Eating. It important to know what are you eating and to understand all the ingredients, also you can find out everything about them with a fast google search.

14. Make One Day a Week Meatless. If you’re a heavy meat eater, going meatless for one day will not only make you consume less calories, but it may reduce your risk of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

15. Banish High-Salt Food. Don’t use salt at the table and don’t even put it on the table. It will make it easy for you to forget that you needed salt to begin with, and use lemons or lemon juice for extra flavor.

16. Replace Dessert with Fruit Salads. They’re delicious, healthy and make for a perfect snack or after-meal dessert.

17. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables. If you eat more fruits and veggies, you will not feel as hungry because fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and water, which can give you the feeling of fullness.

18. Chew Sugarless Gum. Every time you want to grab a fattening snack, reach for sugar-free gum instead – it will make you control snack cravings, give you a fresh breath and aid in weight loss.

19. Know That You Can’t Go Back to Your Old Eating Habits. After you’ve reached your weight goal, don’t go back to your eating habits, otherwise you will gain all the weight back and your time and effort was in vain. 

20. Don’t Eat too Little. Eating less than 1200 calories per day can backfire – you might slow down your metabolism and diets that are too strict are often much harder to keep to.

21. A Slipup Doesn’t Have to Ruin an Entire Day of Dieting. Just make a better choice at your next meal.

22. Cut Down, not Out. Trim the portions of carbs and fats instead of removing the entire category. Carbs are your energy source and you don’t want to remove them from your diet completely or you’ll constantly feel out of energy.

23. Eat Proteins at Breakfast. Protein is digested at slower rates and you’ll fell full for a longer period of time. 

24. Start With Your Veggies. Another tip that will help you not to overeat is to fill up with “the good stuff” first. I know it doesn’t sound delicious, but veggies have more fiber than simple carbohydrate foods like potatoes, bread or rice. Only move to the other food on your plate when you finish.

25. Share Dessert. Sometimes your dessert is too good and you just can’t skip it. It’s fine to indulge, but why not share it with your best friend or loved one?

26. Only Eat When You Sit at the Table. This way you will do less unplanned nibbling.

27. Never Eat Straight from the Box or Bag – it will make you keep the portions in control

28. Save Some Calories for Snacks Between Meals. 

29. Don’t Think About What you Can’t Eat, instead think about what healthy choices you have: fruits, veggies, fish, nuts, lean meat.

30. Choose Water-Packed Tuna rather then Oil-Packed and you will cut almost a third of the calories.

31. Use Mustard instead of Mayonnaise. Mustard has no fat, versus the 11 g in one tablespoon of mayonnaise. Also…mayo is yucky. 


101 Ways to Lose Weight This Summer #weighlosstips #tips #weightloss #summer #abs #core


32. Stay Hydrated. Drinking plenty of water or other calorie-free beverages such as (sugarless) tea or coffee, helps energize your muscles, makes your skin look good, helps your kidneys and promotes weight loss by making you feel full for more time.

33. Avoid Drinking Alcohol. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram and is metabolized differently by the organism then other foods and beverages. The body sees the alcohol as a toxin that needs no digestion, and, when the body tries to process the alcohol, it isn’t able to properly break down the other foods that you ate which contain fat and carbohydrates. This isn’t to say you can’t enjoy a beer or glass of wine now and then, but if you’re a heavy party-goer it might just be those gin and tonics that keep you from achieving the body you want.

34. Stop Drinking Soda. Soda contains high amounts of sugars and fructose corn syrup that is known to make you obese, with fat settling especially on the abdomen area. So if you want to get rid of your “fat donut” you might consider skipping that glass of Cola you used to drink with every meal. 

35. Drink Green Tea. Green tea speeds up your metabolism, reduces the risk of heart diseasecancer, and drinking it before a workout might increase your fat burn during aerobic exercises.

36. Don’t Drink Your Calories. Cut out the juice, soda, lemonade and after work wine from your routine – it’s often unimaginable just how many calories we usually go over the thin line of getting thin by drinking them. 

37. Drink a Big Glass of Water Before Each Meal – it will make you feel full faster.

38. End Every Meal With a Large Glass of Water – it will aid digestion and keep your hunger levels lower, even if you just had a small snack that left you unsatisfied.


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39. For a Toned and Fit Figure Dieting isn’t enough, you also need to exercise. Remember, you don’t just want to be skinny, you want to be fit! And exercising is an integral part of having that perfect body you’ve always dreamed of.

40. Catching Up with Friends on a Walk in the Park. Instead of catching up with friends over drinks or food, suggest a reunion in the park. The walk-and-talk session will help fill in your socializing needs as well as your calorie burning ones.

41. Wake Up and Workout. Studies shown that working out in the morning burns up to 3 times more fat than working out at any other time of the day, so, as soon as you wake up every morning, workout for at least 30 minutes.

42. Get Fired Up. Load your iPod with jams that will make you look forward to going to the gym and pick up speed on the elliptical. For more inspiration checkout our Top 25 Workout Songs.

43. Try a New Class. Are you doing Pilates several times a week? Why not try a Zumba or Aerobic class to spice things up? A new routine will tone your legs and abs muscles and give you a heart-pounding workout.

44. Walk Your Dog 3 Times a Day. Don’t have a dog? Get one, they’re awfully cute! Also, walking your dog several times a day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes around the block, will increase your overall calorie consumption and you will make your dog happy at the same time.

45. Do strength-training exercises at least twice a week. Doing strength-training exercises is one of the best ways to speed up your metabolism. Building muscles can make your body more efficient at burning calories throughout the day, even if you’re just sitting at the office.

46. Tape Your favorite TV Show and Watch It Only When You Exercise. This way you’re virtually “training” your brain that it will get a reward only if it puts your body through some exercising first.

47. Listen to Fun Music While You Work Out. It will make you feel much better and it will make time fly.

48. Create a Calendar and Hang it in a Prominent Spot and Mark the Days You Eat Right and Work Out. Seeing your progress will inspire you to keep it up.

49. Exercising Every Day is More Effective Then Longer, Less Frequent Periods. It’s all about discipline and getting into the habit of exercising regularly, so don’t just have bouts of running sessions or aerobics – try to turn exercising into something that you can’t miss on your daily to-do list.

50. Always Wear Supportive Comfortable Clothes and sneakers so you feel good while exercising.

51. Create a Short Route for the Days You’re Too Tired or Too Busy. It’s better to take a short walk than doing nothing at all.


101 Ways to Lose Weight This Summer #weighlosstips #tips #weightloss #summer #abs #core


52. Take Before Photos and Keep Them on Your Phone. Every time you want to eat something unhealthy, look at those pics – it will be all the motivation that you need.

53. Small Changes Really Add Up. You can lose 12 pounds in a year just giving up butter on your toast and sugar from your coffee.

54. Exercises With a Friend. It will become less difficult, and you are more likely to stick with it.

55. Celebrate Success (but not with food!). Did you lost some weight this month and you go for a run every other day? It’s time to celebrate. Rewarding weight loss can encourage more success, so, every time you hit a milestone reward yourself with a new pair of shoes, a day at the spa, some new clothes (because if you apply some of this tips you will really need them) or anything you like.


101 Ways to Lose Weight This Summer #weighlosstips #tips #weightloss #summer #abs #core


56. Do Squats While You’re Brushing Your Teeth. It might sound silly, but it will help you get the “Beyoncé booty” much faster. After adding it to your daily routine, it will become a habit and it will become much easier over time.

57. Floss After Dinner. It will make you less likely to eat again before you go to bed.

58. Set Leftovers Aside. After you eat, pack the leftovers in a Tupperware container and put it in the fridge (when you don’t feel hungry anymore). You don’t have to finish everything in your plate all the time, it’s not a contest 🙂 This is also a money saver as leftovers can easily account for an extra meal or snack that you would’ve paid for again.

59. Order From Places Where You can Find the Calories of the Food in the Menu. When you see how many calories pasta has, you will order a chicken salad immediately.

60. Don’t Keep Unhealthy Food in the House. If you want a candy bar or a bag of chips, you will have to walk to the store, or, if you’re feeling lazy you will just ignore the cravings.

61. Get Fit in 5. Do some jumping jacks, squats, crunches or just dance every time you have a bit of time: during television commercials, washing dishes or mopping the floor.

62. Do a Fridge Purge. Replace all the foods you use to overindulge in, like chocolate, ice-cream or other sweet temptations, whit low-calorie snacks. Not having high calorie foods in the house will determinate you to make better choices.

63. If you have guests and need to serve some delicacies, try not to buy your favorite ones, or you’ll end up eating them by yourself. 

64. While Cooking, use a Tiny Spoon When Sampling. You’ll be surprised at how many calories you eat before actually eating by sampling your cooking delicacies. Using a tiny spoon will cut down on the sample portions.

65. Chew Sugarless Gum while you cook so you won’t be tempted to nibble. We’ve explained why sugarless gum works in one of the tips above – now use it while cooking so you’re not tempted to “sample” your food too much.

66. Stop Frying Your Food. – boil, roast or grill it. Frying, especially in oil, is unhealthy and high in calories.

67. Don’t Serve Family Style. Instead, make up a plate, and when people want seconds, let them help themselves.

68. Gift-Wrap Temptations. If you’re hosting a party, chances are there will be dessert or snacks left. Pack them up and give them to your guests.

69. While Watching TV, take up sewing, knitting or do your nails – it will keep your hands busy and you’ll forget about eating while watching your favorite TV series


101 Ways to Lose Weight This Summer #weighlosstips #tips #weightloss #summer #abs #core


70. Don’t Supersize It. When going out for fast food, buy the smallest portion that you can find and buy water instead of soda – it will stop the cravings and drinking water will make you feel full much faster.

71. Order Children’s Portions at Restaurants. Eating children’s portion is a great way to cut calories and keep your portions reasonable. This has become a very popular trend that most servants won’t bat an eye when you order off the kid’s menu.

72. Box-Up Half Your Entrée when You’re Eating Out. Most of the times food portions at restaurants can be insane. Sometimes one entrée can be enough for three people. Ask the waiter to box up half your meal right away so you’re not tempted to eat it all at once.

73. If you have trouble controlling how much you eat from your favorite food, eat it only in restaurants, and never bring it back home.

74. Before going to a restaurant, check out the menu for the lightest and healthiest dishes; most of the time you can find the menu online.

75. When you’re going to a restaurant and you don’t feel so hungry, opt for lighter foods, such as mini grilled chicken skewers, hummus or cut-up vegetables.

76. When you’re eating out, have the bread basket removed as soon as you sit down at a restaurant – it’s a ticking calorie bomb for your diet. 

77. When You Order in Group, Be the First to Order so you’re not influenced by the choices your friends made.

78. Eat a Snack Before Going to a Party. If you arrive there with an empty stomach you’re much more likely to overeat.

79. At a Restaurant, Only Eat Half of Your Meal. You can ask your dinner partner to split a meal or you can take it home for later.

101 Ways to Lose Weight This Summer #weighlosstips #tips #weightloss #summer #abs #core


80. Always Have a Stash of Apples, bananas or oranges in your bag. This way you will always have a low-calories snack at hand.

81. A Craving Takes 20 Minutes to Go Away. Whenever you feel a craving setting in, try to distract yourself by doing anything else for 20 minutes and it will go away.

82. When You have a Craving Brush Your Teeth or Rinse With a Mouthwash. The clean taste will reduce your appetite.

83. Eat What You’re Craving in a Healthy Form. For instance, if you’re craving fries, eat a baked potato or sweet potato fries instead – these are the healthier, less caloric cousins of regular fries.

101 Ways to Lose Weight This Summer #healthyeating #diet #summerdiet #weightloss #fit #101tips


84. Wear Skinny Jeans. If you gain some weight you will notice immediately and will provide you extra motivation to stay away from those fries. If the jeans don’t fit, you gotta quit (eating junk).

85. Have One Cheat Meal Every Week. You can treat yourself with something you love once a week without setting yourself up to bingeing. But don’t forget that it is one meal a week not a day for eating whatever you want and how much you want.

86. Don’t Guess Portion Sizes. Most people have no idea what a normal-sized meal looks like. To avoid this big mistake, buy a scale and measure your food or buy foods in proportioned containers.

87. Go to Bed Hungry. According to The Biggest Loser trainer, Bob Harper, when you skip your midnight snack, your body will burn fat “like crazy” and after five hours without food, you will start burning your own fat and sugar.

88. Change the way you think. Instead of thinking you deserve to eat something after a hard workout, think that you deserve to be happy, healthy and to feel good in your own body.

89. Set Small Goals. Don’t plan for navy-seals-like training sessions or go directly to a harsh diet when you’re just starting out. Go through the process of picking up exercising or dieting and try to discipline yourself into making it a daily habit first – you can improve on your goals and targets later on.

90. Eat From Smaller Plates. Eating from smaller plates helps the portions look like more, and if your mind feels satisfied, your stomach will likely be too.

91. Lose Weight Slowly. Don’t get discouraged it you’re not losing weight as fast as you’d like. Dropping some extra pounds takes time, just like gaining them did. If you’re expectation are too high, you might give up when you don’t lose weight fast enough, so set a realistic weight lost goal of about one or two pounds a week, as experts suggest.

92. Weight Yourself Once a Week. People who weight themselves regularly tend to lose more weight as they’re motivated by the results (or lack of). Most experts suggest weighting yourself once a week, so your weight is not influenced by daily fluctuations. Try to weight yourself at the same time of the day, on the same day of the week, in the same clothes and on the same scale.

93. Get Enough Sleep. When you don’t sleep enough, your body produces too much of appetite-stimulation hormone called ghrelin and under produces the hormone leptin, which tells you when you’re full, so, getting enough sleep may keep you from doing unnecessary snacking.

94. Keep a Food Diary. Studies has shown that the act of writing down what you drink and eat tends to make you more aware of what, when and how much you’ve consumed, and make you aware of your current calorie count. One study found that people who kept a food diary six days a week lost almost twice as much as those who only kept a diary for one day or two, or none at all.

95. Don’t Go on a Diet When You’re Under a Lot of Stress. When you’re feeling down, you can experience emotional eating. Emotional eating is using food to make yourself feel better – eating to fill emotional needs will hinder your chances to stick to a diet.

96. Don’t Grocery-Shop When You’re Hungry. By shopping when you’re hungry, you’re more likely to make low nutrient, high-fat impulse purchases.

97. Savor Each Bite by Eating Slowly. Eating slowly will make you satisfied with less food and save yourself for overeating. It also helps your body digest food better if you don’t throw everything in there in one bite.

98. Put Down Your Fork Between Bites. Don’t pick your fork up until you have completely finished your bite and swallowed. It takes your stomach a longer period of time to register that is full and most of the time you have already eaten to much by the time you fell you’re full. This method will give the food more time to reach the stomach and alert the brain that it’s full.

99. Plan Your Meals. Knowing when your next meal is may save you from eating too much at lunch or dinner.

100. Make Lunch at Home and Bring it to Work. Not taking costs into account this method always allows you to control your meal, planning on eating healthy rather than grabbing a bite on whatever is available at the office. 

101. Shop the Perimeter of the Grocery Store Where Most of fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Chicken, Eggs, Fish and Dairy are located, and try to skip going through the sweets and snacks isles so you’re not tempted to add them to your cart.

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