5 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Sugar Addiction For Good

Learn how to efficiently get rid of sugar addictionSugar is one of the leading causes of obesity and the number one factor in ruining everyone’s diets and dreams of a perfect body. Occupying a leading position on the enemy food list even before the fattiest of foods, sugar should become a priority to worry about, and take care of, in our diet. 

An important fact worthy to be known by everyone is that sugar addiction is intensified because of its consumption in large quantities. Therefore, eat less sugar and have a healthier body! Many studies have shown that refined sugar consumption leads to faster body aging and heart disease, in addition to the aesthetic effects on your diet.

Sugar is present in a great majority of the foods we consider in some cases necessary, as well as in snacks and “delight” foods; from fruit drinks to various snacks such as ketchup and chocolate milk and to sweets such as ice-cream, cookies and cake, sugar is ever-present in most processed foods and drinks you can find in stores. However, an unexpected fact is that some of the “healthy food” like yoghurt and cereals which we love to eat, contain a substantial amount of unnecessary sugar.        

Fortunately, some nutritionists found a few solutions in keeping under control these sweet temptations:

1. Pick your dessert wisely

If you need a moment of delight, take advantage of seasonal sweets and have a delicious, rare and efficient moment to satisfy your craving. There are various fruits that can be enjoyed only in certain, periods of the year: a fresh watermelon fresh in the summer, or a pumpkin pie in the autumn are perfect choices for a treat. In order to avoid routine and the consumption of the same dessert, you should make a plan for your portion control.  

2.  Have a positive thinking

Everything depends on how you manage yourself. Always think about the idea that you can do what you have proposed, having in mind the magic words “I can do it!” If you start by saying that giving up sugar will be difficult, it really will be. Try to challenge your negative thinking if you are convinced you want to have a healthy body and take control of your diet.

3. Avoid starvation

Try to have balanced meals every three to four hours and this way you won’t feel the need to devour a whole candy bowl. In order to withstand cravings, it is recommended to eat three meals and two snacks rich in protein every day. The sensation of fullness that comes with a protein-rich meal also cuts down on your sweet cravings. This way, you may pack your meals and snacks in advance, eating whenever you feel the need, without being tempted by the goodies around you.  

4. Make the difference between cravings and hunger

Analyze your necessity to eat something sweet in large quantities. This is a mistake people tend to do, without knowing that what they actually feel is hunger, not craving. Moreover, the lack of energy may be the symptom of dehydration which can be cured with water, not juice or soda. A good way to reduce both thirst and sugar craving is to drink infused water, which is made of water infused with delicious fruits. But if the craving for a treat still persists, have just a small piece of dark chocolate.  

5. Go back to work!

If you happen to cheat and have some treats while being on holiday, forgive yourself and go back to your plans. Forgiving yourself is as important as being kind to the people around you and forgiving them as well. It helps diminish the negative feelings like the unwanted sugar which create you inconveniences. Consequently, don’t give up your plans and start again the healthy meals you have planned before.

.Learn how to efficiently get rid of your sugar addiction

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